Chemo round I

It was better than I thought.

The worst part was the very beginning, just getting the catheter in. I was always told that I have “beautiful veins” and I was oh so proud of them. Turns out that veins used for blood draw can’t be used for chemo. Who knew?

I was poked by 2 nurses unsuccessfully and one other nurse didn’t even want to try. I was feeling like a problem patient but it was really just in my head – all nurses were really nice about everything. A specialist was called from the hospital, and thank goodness she was able to get it in the first try.

I spent some time worried because the arm was sore. I wasn’t sure if it was sore from the pokes, or if it was the drugs. But the nurses came to check things often and it all seemed to be going fine. I put a movie on the iPad and having some distraction helped.

I had driven to the clinic with my mom, but because of an anti-anxiety medication they gave me, I wasn’t able to drive back. Support Team to the rescue! My wonderful friend Dalila* drove there with my husband to get us. Hubby also had to take a crash course from the nurse – he will need to give me a shot every day for the next 7 days. I’m happy to report that the first one went pretty well.

I have some nausea but so far it’s been manageable with the anti-nausea meds they sent me home with. I was even able to take a 10 minute walk outside this afternoon. But I’m starting to feel some fatigue. I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow that I really want to make, but Dr Oncologist said I might not feel well enough to go. Days 3 through 8 are supposed to be the worst. I hope they also end up being better than I thought.


*Not her real name, but it’s an easy guess if you know her 😉