Diagnosis – 33 1/3

I’m starting to get eager to move on and document what’s happening now instead of talking about what happened in the past. So I’ll try to summarize the rest of the diagnosis. It’s a roller coaster ride that could surely read like a thriller, but I don’t have the patience to write that way right now… So I’ll be straightforward and succinct.

About a week after I got the biopsy results, I met with Dr Breast Surgeon. She had some test results with more information about the type of cancer. They were “good” features, meaning it was not a particularly aggressive kind. She ordered an MRI and that showed 2 more areas of concern. Another biopsy was required and turned out I had 2 malignancies, in the same breast.

With these news, a mastectomy of the left breast was necessary. Because it was a bigger surgery and she was going on vacation (it was around Christmas time), I had to switch breast surgeons and be operated by her partner.

Dr Breast Surgeon II was a sweetheart. I had the mastectomy on December 29, 2016.

At first, it seemed like everything went great. During surgery they removed 3 lymph nodes and they all seemed negative for cancer. Dr Breast Surgeon gave me this good news when I woke up from surgery and I felt so relieved.

The big twist was that in the final pathology the lymph nodes turned out to be positive. All 3. That was a huge blow and put me back in deep depression mode.

About 2 weeks later, another test came back that tries to predict the aggressiveness of the cancer. It came back in the lower category which was a relief. Dr Oncologist recommended skipping chemo and going straight to radiation.

I felt very uneasy with this recommendation and decided to get a second opinion. About 2 weeks later I saw Dr Oncologist II, who had very strong arguments why she thought I needed chemo. I felt more comfortable with her approach and decided to make the switch. Because of bad colds, I’m now on antibiotics, hoping to start chemo next week.


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