Diagnosis – Part Deux

The biopsy procedure was much better than I expected. A little numbing shot and I didn’t feel anything after.  The procedure was done by a much nicer radiologist and I was thankful for that. Went home with some ice packs to obsess about the results.

Dr Nice Radiologist said he would call me himself in 2 or 3 days. Though my faith and spirituality have been pretty low the last few years, I made promises of several kinds. Large donations, community service, healthier lifestyle.

I also played the future call in my head countless times. I wondered whether I’d be able to tell what was coming by his tone of voice. I imagined how he would deliver the news: “I have some good news”, or “I’m sorry to have to make this call …”. I imagined a somber tone, or a voice of relief.

The actual, real call was much different. In a neutral tone he went straight to the point: “Unfortunately it is positive as we expected jbrsklwgsm ndvgtm, carcinoma nsmlpms bnrtpdfgvz, the most common type of breast cancer djmqjgbvkl nsfjwmf nxiekap, breast surgeon nbptwxzmldkb nbrtdzlpqws mnbtrwp”.

I don’t remember much about the next few days. I know I was depressed and scared. I wondered how much time I had left. The worst was thinking about my daughter growing up without a mom and my husband raising her alone.


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